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Citronella Essential Oil

Most often associated with repelling insects, Citronella is so much more!  Even the Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as “a bio-pesticide with a nontoxic mode of action!” You know you’re safe using it on even the youngest in your family.  It has been studied and found to provide about two hours of repellency, also useful against ticks, even with livestock and pets.  Its effectiveness is comparable with the protection touted by DEET.

Also, helpful in treating and preventing colds, fever, and headaches. Citronella has strong antiseptic properties, preventing the growth of bacteria.  Infections of the colon, urethra, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, prostate, and kidneys may be helped by the use of Citronella.

It is generally recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the major components are eliminated through urination.

Often used in aromatherapy, it may help with anxiety relief and as a diluted rub for menstrual cramps and general muscle spasms.

1 oz. glass bottle
100% Pure Essential Oil

*Our essential oils are produced ethically and are free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

**Gilley’s Naturals does not prescribe, diagnose, or offer medicinal cures for any of their essential oils or products.  All claims are drawn from personal recommendations from customers or personal use.  The FDA does not recognize our products as health essentials… and that doesn’t break our hearts at all.