Gilley’s Naturals, handmade in the USA

Monster Spray

When you’re little, there can be some very scary things under beds and in closets.

Make them go away with Monster Spray! A spray here and there sends those creepies away naturally.

Oils of clary sage and rosewood have been used for years to relax tense nerves while lavender helps calm racing minds. Combined they offer tremendous help for children of all ages when a little help relaxing or sleeping is needed. Recommended by moms with ADD and ADHD children! Help comfort restless or frightened ones back to sleep.

Especially helpful when traveling, a little spray here and there reminds children of the comfort of home and helps them cope with strange rooms, beds, and of course, monsters. Comes with this delightful poem!


“Every night when I’m asleep in my room the monsters creep. I called Mom,

“Please come and stay, and don’t forget the monster spray!” She comes right

in and sprays right here, and then all the monsters disappear!

2.3 oz aluminum bottle with sprayer

*Our essential oils are produced ethically and are free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Gilley’s Naturals does not prescribe, diagnose, or offer medicinal cures for any of their essential oils or products. All claims are drawn from personal recommendations from customers or personal use. The FDA does not recognize our products as health essentials ….. and that doesn’t break our hearts at all.